Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite

of Freemasonry

Valley of Las Vegas

Orient of Nevada

Roll of Honor


Knight Commander of the Court of Honor


       The first of the honors of the Court of Honor is the Knight Commander. A Brother must have been a 32° Mason (Master of the Royal Secret) for at least 46 months before the Supreme Council can vote on his nomination for the honor. This honor cannot be applied for but is awarded for service to the Scottish Rite, Masonry in general or for civic service.

      In order to nominate a Brother the Sovereign Grand Inspector General or the Deputy of the Supreme Council in whose Orient the Brother has his primary membership fills out a form giving the Brother's name, Masonic and other history, and the reasons for his nomination. He then submits the form in advance of the Biennual Session to the Supreme Council. The vote of the Supreme Council must be unanimous.

      It should be noted that the honor is not a degree. The K: .C:: .C:: .H: . is not conferred upon a Brother, he is Invested with the Rank and Decoration of it.

Those so Nominated, Voted to and Invested with this Great Masonic Honor from the Valley of Las Vegas are:


George M. Dickerson   1965  Paul P. McCracken  1973  James L. Smith 1989  Dwight Claar 1991 Thomas H. Pouliot 1993 Don Vines 1996 Edward Olliges 1996 Donald O. Knight 1996 Harvey Williams, Jr 1997 Kay Dixon 1997 Dale Askew 1997 Richard M. Hoaglin 1999 John W. Guesman, Ill 1999 James Cook 1999 Craig M. Harden 1999 William Berk 1999 G. Kent Hokanson 1999 Jack T. Lee 1999 Carl L. "Bud" Banks 2001 Douglas G. Crosby 2001 Harroll C. Doss, Jr. 2001 William G. "Bill" Farran 2001 Donald E. Girard 2001 Craig A. Phillips 2001 Charles Terry Robertson 2001 David C. Laino 2003 Ronald Roy Orr, Sr. 2003 John S. Pennington, Sr. 2003 William S. Payne 2003 John E. Harney, Jr. 2003 Billie G. McMahan 2003 R. Samuel Ruiz 2003 Charles Alverez 2007 Glenn M. Browne 2007 Louis J Castle 2007 Rudy S Cnsostomo 2007 Mark L Mancha 2007 Bruce W Nelson 2007 Robert L Norton 2007 Lloyd V Polson 2007 Parke M Potter 2007 Michael L Rodgers 2007 Roy A Sargent 2007 Ivan C Smith 2007 David C Swallow 2007 Thomas D Welsh 2007


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