Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite

of Freemasonry

Valley of Las Vegas

Orient of Nevada

Distinguished Honors


Inspector General , Active or Honorary, 33°

        The second Honor is the Thirty-third Degree, But we must leave the Court of Honor to discuss it. The 33rd Degree, unlike the K: .C:: .C:: .H: . is a degree Therefore the 33rd Degree is conferred. (it can also be said that you were Coroneted, crowned, a 33° Scottish Rite Mason)

      All such are divided into two categories-- Honoraries and Actives. Actives are members of the Supreme Council. The great majority of 33° Masons you will meet are Honoraries and have been given the 33° Honorary in recognitian of service to the Scottish Rite, Masonry in general or for civic service. It cannot be applied for.

       Before each Biennial Session, each SGIG and Deputy submits nominations of men in his Orient who must have been K: .C:: .C:: .H: . for 46 months before he can be elected to receive the 33°. The approval by the Supreme Council must be without a dissenting vote.

      Those so Nominated, Voted to and Coroneted with this Great Masonic Honor from the Valley of Las Vegas are:

Donald G. Hines  1977  Julio J. Lucchesi  1977 Hugh E. Taylor 1979 Michael W. Wyas 1983 Duane G. Laubach 1983 Winfred S. Rash 1985 Ovid A. Moore 1985  Edward G. Hall 1986 Robert B. Riggs 1987 Richard H. Bryan 1987 Frank E. Scott   1989 V. O. Campbell   1989  Jackson S. Houston   1991 Joseph Bureski 1993 Charles E. Shead 1993 Lawrence V. Robinson 1993 Francis Bakken 1995 Dale K. Dean, Sr. 1995 L. David Love 1997 John C. Sievers 1997 Albert Schouten 1997 Harry C. Christopher 1999 Donald G. Daum 1999 G.Patrick Williams 1999 Henry Drexler 1999 A.William Wattenbarger 2001 Carl Mathews Layman 2001 Frank F. Heyer 2003 Donald O. Knight 2003 Dan I. Newman 2003 Vernon K. Wilcox 2003 Richard L. Tribett 2003 William "Bill" Wagoner 2003 William G Farran Sr. 2007 John W Guesman III 2007 John E. Harney, Jr 2007 Richard M Hoaglin 2007 Craig A Phillips 2007 R Samuel Ruiz 2007




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