Grand Council of Knight Masons of America
Kilkenny Council #33


of the Annual General Meeting held
12 November 2005

CasaBlanca Hotel, Mesquite, Nevada TIME: 12:00 Noon

Welcome Remarks were given by Sir Knight and our Excellent Chief Gary D. Miller.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of our Country was given by all.

Our Priest, Sir Knight Edward E. Davis, asked for the Great Architects Blessing on this gathering. and asked us to remember the Knights lost from our Noble ranks:

The following Brothers of our Fraternity, Cousins and Sir Knights all, have been called to honor and peace at the right hand of the Great Architect of the Universe:

Sir Knight Roy A. Wilson, P.G.M. 88
Sir Knight Franlkin L. Coonley, P.G.M. 92
Sir Knight Ralph E. Newman
Sir Knight Denzel C. Ralston
Sir Knight Glenn P. Richey, Jr.

There were 47 Cousins, Wives & Guests present for this gathering of the Council.

            An excellent Buffet menu was served consisting of:
Choices of Salads:           Choice of Entre:
·Mixed Green & Vegi Salad W/dressings. ·Roast Port Loin
·Potato Salad              ·London Broil w/ Mushroom Gravy
·Marinated Mushrooms and Artichoke Salad              ·Salmon w/ Herb Butter
·Melon, Fruit, & Berries

Choice of Side Dishes:                          Choice of Desserts:
·Rice Pilaf ·Chocolate Lovin' Spoonful Cake
·Mashed Potatoes ·Key Lime Pie
·Fresh Vegetables ·Cherry Pie (Sugar Free)
With: Rolls, Butter, Coffee, Tea, and Soft Drinks

Excellent Chief:               Sir Knight Gary D. Miller
Senior Knight Sir Knight L. David Love
Junior Knight Sir Knight David A. Stiles
Treasurer Sir Knight Virgil Mink
Scribe Sir Knight Ronald R. Orr, Sr.
Senior Warden Sir Knight William G. Wagoner
Junior Warden Sir Knight J. J. McDonald
Director of Ceremonies               Sir Knight J. Bob Roberson,
Priest Sir Knight Edward E. Davis
Steward              Sir Knight John E. Bower
Sentinel              Sir Knight Stephen E. Alderete

The Excellent Chief Thanked all in attendance for attending and their company for the excellent Luncheon. He then called for a short break while the Men moved into the Chapter Room for the Annual General Meeting.

All Past Excellent Chiefs present assembled in the Chapter room where they conferred the Degree of "Past Excellent Chief" for the benefit of the Candidate, L. David Love, for the position of Excellent Chief for the ensuing Masonic Year

At 1:17 the Excellent Chief, Gary D. Miller, opened the Chapter in due form.

Petition for Affiliation
One (1) Petition for Affiliation from a Brother and Cousin, Sir Knight J. Jaques Sweeney was read and on motion, second and vote was approved. Council # 230A,
Petitions for the Degrees:
In order for the new members to the Council to participate in the remainder of the meeting the Excellent Chief called for an out-or-order reading and vote on our petitions for the degrees of Knight Masonry, resulting in the election of twenty four (24) deserving Master and Rite Brother Masons to receive the Degrees:
Those present and upon whom the degrees were conferred, followed by their Council Membership Number were:

                               NAME: FROM: COUNCIL #:
1. Brother Stephen E. Alderete Rialto, CA #231
2. Brother Jack L. Barton Carson City, NV #232
3. Brother John T. Benson Las Vegas, NV #233
4. Brother James Greeley III Las Vegas, NV #234
5. Robert P. Kaltenbach Las Vegas, NV #236
6. Brother L. Michael Kandt Las Vegas, NV #237
7. Brother Jerry D. Lester North Las Vegas, NV #238
8. Brother James H. Mason Riverside, CA #239
` 9. Brother Charles A. Petty Riverside, CA #240
10. Brother Lewis A. Rist Carson City, NV #241
11. Brother C. Terry Robertson Las Vegas, NV #242
12. Brother Michael L Rogers Las Vegas, NV #243
13. Brother David R. Sullivan Corona, CA, #244
14. Brother Allen W. Taylor Las Vegas, NV #245
15. Brother James F. Wanderie Moreno Valley, CA #246
16. Brother Gordon C. WesterveltRiverside, CA #247
17. Brother Richard T. Wibalda Las Vegas, NV #248
18 Brother Russell M. Wilde Carson City, NV #249
19. Brother James G. Kelley Las Vegas, NV #250

Those not present to receive the degrees were:
1. Brother Donald E. Hugh Apple Valley, CA #235
2. Brother Dennis A. Moore
3. Brother Franklin Lee
4. Brother Ronald E. Shaver

One (1) Brother, Jack L. Wise, Kilkenny Council # 251, who was voted to receive the degrees and planned to attend, had recently moved to Washington. This chapter has requested that courtesy work be performed on our behalf by the chapter nearest him. .

M.W. H. Wayne Kingsley, P.G.M
M.W. Jackson S. Houston, P.G.M
M.W. Edward M. Block, P.G.M.
M.W. David J. Morgan, P.G.M. and 33° Supreme Grand Inspector General of the Scottish Rite of Nevada.
Ill. James G. Kelley, Past Grand High Priest of the York Rite of Nevada & R.W. Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Nevada.
Ill. Laurence Tucker, P.G.C. Grand Council of Texas

Sir Knight Ron Orr brought the best wishes of Cousin and Sir Knight Edgar St John, P.E.C. and the report that he is doing better and hopes to attend next years meeting.


The E.C. called for the reading of the minutes of our last meeting whereupon a motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the Minutes of our last meeting as published, distributed, and corrected.

The Scribe reported on the Election and Installation of the new Great Chief, David B. Slaton of Kincora Council #8. He received his Knighthood here in Las Vegas in September of 1972.
The Scribe informed us that a letter had been received from Cousin and Sir Knight Allen E. Marsh, a member in good standing, to withdraw from the Council. A letter and Certificate of Voluntary Withdrawal/Demit has been prepared and will be forwarded following approval. Upon motion, second and approval this action was completed.

SECOND Notices were sent to Forty One (41) of our members. 12 Members are currently in arrears:
1. Larry L. Larrimer BAD ADDRESS 2002 - Dropped following this meeting.
2. Robert A. Gunnoe BAD ADDRESS 2003 - Dropped following this meeting.
3. Mark A. Marsh Carson City              2003 - Dropped following this meeting.
4. Shayne D. Weir Reno, NV 2003 - Dropped following this meeting.
5. Royston C. Waltmeyer BAD ADDRESS 2004
6. Earnest D. Cantwell Kingman, AZ              2004
7. Reed R. Mosley Elko, NV 2004
8. Denzel C. Ralston Riverside, CA              2004
9. Winfield Rash, Jr. Las Vegas, NV              2004
10. Harvey A. Willaims               Littleton, CO              2004
11. Louis J. Carsner, Jr.               Elmira, CA.              2005
12. Millard R. Holt Riverside, CA.              2005
13. Franlkin Woodriff, Jr. Fallon, NV 2005

It was reported that our membership at the:
From todays degrees
J. Jacques Sweenney
1. Allen E. Marsh Demitted 2005
2. Clyde R. Lippincott DECEASED 2005
3. Glenn P. Richey, Jr. DECEASED 2005
4. Roy A. Wilson DECEASED 2005
5. Ralph E. Newman DECEASED 2005
6. Franklin L. Coonley              DECEASED 2005
7. Larry L. Larrimer    Dropped NPD 2005
8. Robert A. Gunnoe    Dropped NPD 2005
9. Mark A. Marsh    Dropped NPD 2005
10. Shayne D. Weir    Dropped NPD 2005

1. Glen M. Browne
2. Y. Clifford Browne
3. Donald E/ Hugh
4. W. Allen Taylor
5. Jack L Barton
6. David J. Guinan
7. James T. Greeley, III
8. James G. Kelley
9. L. Michael Kandt
10. John T. Benson
11. James F. Wandrie
12. Gary L. Smith
13. Henry F. Gilbertson
14. Michael L Rogers
15. Jerry D. Lester

The Scribe reported and requested the assistance of the membership in that a correct address have not been received for:
1. John R. Brizndine BAD ADDRESS - Sparks, NV
2. Thomas L. "Thom" Carmody              BAD ADDRESS - Kingman AZ
3. Robert A. Gunnoe BAD ADDRESS - Minden, NV
4. Larry L. Larrimer BAD ADDRESS - Las Vegas
5. Royston C. Waltmeyer BAD ADDRESS - Dayton, NV
6. Robert J. West BAD ADDRESS - Grand Terrace CA

Kilkenny Council is in need of the following items:
1. A Conductors Batton for use by the Director of Ceremonies.
2. A large Trowel for use by the Excellent Chief.
3. An Old cast iron Seal Press for the Scribes use We can order a new seal but the old style cast-iron presses presently cost $160.00. This item is needed for the authentication of all Official Documents. A motion was made, seconded and approved to permit the Scribe to acquire and/or purchase an Official Seal for Kilkenny Council #33 in the design as displayed by the E.C.
It was requested that any Cousin having access to such items, possibly from a lodge or body that has gone dark, Please contact the Scribe.

The Treasurer, Virgil Mink, reported that the Council is financially sound. His report was distributed to all members present and is summarized as:
Checking Account Balance of: $10655.44
Life Membership Trust Fund Balance of: $5626.98
GRAND TOTAL OF: $ 16282.42

On a motions, second and vote the Scribe was ordered to warrant the following contributions:
$100.00 for Grand Lodges Youth Group, Nevada Rainbow Girls
$100.00 for Grand Lodges Youth Group, Nevada Jobs Daughters
$100.00 for Grand Lodges Youth Group, Nevada DeMolay
$100.00 for the Grand Lodge TV Broadcasting of our Masonic Message
These checks were to be forwarded to the respective bodies.

A motion was made by P.E.C. Mink and Seconded by J.J. McDonald, that the slate of officers be advanced in order. All were unamously elected by acclimation The Slate Of Elected Officers for 2006 being as installed:

The Installing Team put all officers in their places and stations in due form.
Installing Officer: Sir Knight and Cousin Ed Block, P:.E:.C:.
Installing Marshal: Sir Knight and Cousin Gordon F. Wessel, P:.E:.C:.
Officers Installed were:
Excellent Chief Sir Knight and Cousin L. David Love
Senior Knight: Sir Knight and Cousin David A. Stiles
Junior Knight: Sir Knight and Cousin William Wagoner
Treasurer: Sir Knight and Cousin Virgil W. Mink, P:.E:.C:.
Scribe: Sir Knight and Cousin Ronald R. Orr, Sr.
Senior Warden: Sir Knight and Cousin J.J. McDonald
Junior Warden: Sir Knight and Cousin J. Bob Roberson
Trustee #3 Sir Knight and Cousin

The Immediate Past E:.C:. announced the appointment of the Sentinel for the last year to be a new Cousin and Sir Knight Stephen E. Alderete. He then asked the Degree Directors to Introduction of the Degree Team Members. Which he followed with an expression of his appreciation for their work.

The Newly Installed E:.C:. Appointed to the following positions:
Director of Ceremonies: Sir Knight and Cousin Edward E. Davis
Priest Sir Knight and Cousin John E. Bower
Steward Sir Knight and Cousin Stephen E. Alderete
Sentinel Sir Knight and Cousin L. Michael Kandt

The E:.C:. L. David Love, thanked the members for electing him to this position and assured them that his attention would be focused on Councils business.

The E:.C:. announced that the next meeting of the Council would be at the Hilton, in Reno, Nevada on Saturday, 11 November 2006 Additional details will be provided by the Scribe at a later date.

The newly appointed Priest, John E. Bower, gave a benediction.

There being no further business, L. David Love, E:.C:. closed the Council in brief form at 3:15 p.m.

//s// Gary D. Miller
Gary D. Miller
Excellent Chief

Attest: Ronald R. Orr, Sr.
Ronald R. Orr, Sr.





SCRIBE'S NOTE: Upon receiving your copy of these minutes, Please inform the scribe of any additions, deletions, or corrections observed, immediately, so that they may be corrected for our archives.

If you would like information on the next AGM go to this page: 2006 AGM INFO