Nevada Lodge of Research #2

     Las Vegas, Nevada


What is the Nevada Lodge of Research #2?

     The Nevada Lodge of Research is a Lodge made up of Master Masons who enjoy delving into and learning more about our fraternity, its history, its forms, and its work back through the ages. Such research by dedicated Masons the world over has led to the discovery of much we know about our organization today.

     Our scheduled meetings also provide a forum where many Masonically related topics may be openly and thoroughly discussed and explored in ways that might not be suitable or proper if done within the body of a regular Lodge meeting.

      Since many who attend are experienced and well studied Masons, often including many Past Grand Officers, it is an excellent place in which to explore questions that are not readily answered elsewhere.

     A Masonic Reference Library and Museum is maintained and operated by the Research Lodge to provide a repository of excellent reference materials and other significant historical items of our fraternity for the use of the Master Mason and other members of our Masonic Family.

     If you are a Master Mason and are keenly interested in things Masonic I heartedly recommend you attend our next meeting and see if this Lodge is for you.

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