Nevada Lodge of Research #2

     Las Vegas, Nevada



      Our Masonic Library is sponsored by all of the Lodges of the Southern Nevada Area.

We are in the process of Entering all of the titles and information concerning the volumes in our possession into a computer system that will afford us the opportunity to loan out various books for your reading and study pleasure at home. We could use your help in this matter and will try to work on this project each Tuesday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please stop by and give us a hand.


       It is Dedicated to the memory of all of the Great Masonic Brethern who have lived and worked with us. They are our Grand Fathers, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Sons, Friends, Neighbors.

They are all our Brothers.

      This facility is operated by the Nevada Lodge of Research #2 to collect and protect wisdom, works, and memories so that there will always be a great wealth of light.... for those who seek...



To all Brother Masons, members of the OES, and our Masonic Youth Groups in good Standing.



In the East Hall of the Masonic Memorial Temple at 2200 WEST MESQUITE (off Rancho Just South of I-95 North)



The Second Sunday of each month at 2:00 p.m.

We are looking for assistance so that we may keep the Library open for additional hours. If you can spend some time there please contact the Librarian.







Librarian  John A. Harney, P.M. 702-870-3042  [email protected]
Historian Ronald R. Orr ,Sr., P.M. 702-649-8447 [email protected]


         If you have Masonic Books, Rituals, and other Masonic Rigalia that you would like to have preserved shared and displayed please contact the Secretary / Historian and make arrangements to add them to our growing collection. They will be preserved and full credit for all contributions will be clearly acknowledged in the display. We will proudly display, protect and appreciate your items greatly.

 Please don't let these Masonic Family Treasures slip away!

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