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Special Announcements:

Two Lodges setup their own programs:

          Montezuma Lodge #30 up in Bettie/Goldfield, Nevada have their program and it is going well. Contact Lamar Walters (h)775-553-2317 (c)702-306-6014 or Sandy Harmon at 775-482-9451.

          Nellis Lodge #46 in Las Vegas has launched their program using their own member-owned computer systems to do the Kid's ID program at the Shrine Circus during January. It is rumored that they broke their own record by doing over six hundred Ids during that event. They need to be complimented on their work. Contact the Master, John Gjonola at 702-914-7642.

         This will greatly help increase our capabilities to spread the great works of Masonry. The lodges have aquired their own equipment and set up their own Kid's ID programs. Special Commendations and Recognitian should be accorded to their leadership and memberships. I am sure that they would welcome the opportunity to support any events you have in their areas.

Troy Sniderman Becomes a Program Coordinator:

           The Original Program, that continues to be available to all members of the Masonic Community, has gained the much needed support of a great young Brother Mason as a Coordinator. This will assist all of us in planning and conducting our events. He is a Vetran of many events and knows all about how to get your program on. For his assistance contact Troy Sniderman on his cell at 702-807-8889.

          The Masonic Lodges and other related organizations, are proud to bring to the general public a service that is intended to assist all parents and care-givers with a NO-COST means of assembling vital information about their charges. Information that will greatly assist authorities in the search for and identification of lost or stolen loved ones.


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       News and Status of the Program.

What is the Masonic kID's ID Program.

Why every child should have this ID.

How we make an ID Kit.

When & Where you can get yours.

Who are our Members.

Contacting our Foundation Officers.

Scheduling your own Event.

Visiting our Lodges.

Helping us with this program.

Tax Status of the Program.

Brochures (PDF download).

Rules for our program.

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