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     Possibly the oldest living trees on the face of this earth are here in our beloved Nevada. The Bristlecone Pine, first discovered in 1946 by renound Botinist and Ecologist Calvin McMillan, are a perfect example of the wonders of our Grand Architect of the Universe.

Individual live trees have been found to be centuries old. They have existed only on the very top of our highest mountain ranges of Nevada's Great Basin National Recreation Area.

Wood from one of these, possibly centuries old, and very precious trees, from atop Mount Wheeler, was fashioned by a Brother into this majestic Setting Mall and matching Sounding Block.

Simple yet richly symbolic this object gives us contact with a long surviving material that is representative of the grand work of our Lord.

The Gavel and its Sounding Block has been turned into a special traveling memorial to all of The Great Architects designs and accomplishments. As it travels from Lodge to Lodge each member is given the opportunity to touch and appreciate its beauty and history, inscribe his name on the rolls of those who have been in its presence, and affirm their dedication to continue our work on his behalf.

This object was presented to The Grand Lodge of Nevada by Ely Lodge #29, of Ely, White Pine County, Nevada in 2000 and has been finding its way from Lodge to Lodge since that time.

The Bristlecone Gavel is presently visiting: Oops, Where is it. No one has reported it lately, If you know send me an e.mail, and they would welcome you to visit, and witness for yourself this interesting piece of Masonic work, at their next Stated Meeting. In fact, any of our Lodges would welcome your VISIT We would be pleased to meet you.

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First Posted: 1/22/2000                                                                                                            Last Updated: 2/2/2006