Yes, We've Moved !!!

Join us at our new location

The Illustrious Joseph Bureski's Original


International Masonic Fellowship

Breakfast Club

come out and break bread with us

Every Friday Morning At 07:00 a.m.

Main Street Station


North Main Street, Downtown Las Vegas

Just South of I-95 -- Easy and Free Parking

There is nothing fancy about this Club!
no dues... no presentations... no grand, glorious or impotent leaders... no sales pitches... no passwords!
In fact, the only thing that you will find are.... Dedicated Members of our fine Fraternity,
Smiling Faces, Warm Greetings, and A better breakfast buffet.

All the members of our Blue Lodges, Scottish Rite Bodies, York
Rite Bodies, and Shriners that make up the
Masonic Fraternities
of Southern Nevada want to welcome you!

Want to become a Free Mason????
Our next breakfast would be a perfect opportunity for you to
Ask any one of these great fellows how to become one !

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